Best « old-school » video games

No matter how old you are, there must be some video games you just love so much you don’t even care if it is of your age now. In fact, some trends and sagas have become so famous and timeless. Between retro games, best classics and other finds, here is our top ranking of best “old school” video games.

Pac-Man, the undisputed

Everyone already played this very simple game, that was previously installed on some Microsoft devices. But Pac-Man has become one of the most well-spread and well-played games in the world, making it the best old-school video game of our ranking.

Let’s remind that it was created in 1980.


Super Mario Bros, our long-lasted friend


Who’s never played with this friendly little blue-jumpsuit plumber, trying to save Peach Princess from Browser’s clutches ? Well, we all know this character who also became famous with its numerous game alternatives, such as Mario Kart or Mario World.

It was first created in 1985 and keeps being trend to all generations of players.


Sonic the Hedgehog, the best Arcade game


Considered by many as a really powerful video game, Sonic the Hedgehog offers an attractive while simple playing environment, which has convinced many generations for now 30 years, since it was created in 1991.

The concept has been revisited many times but still provides players with a playful moment.


Frogger, the paroxysm of the Golden Age of video games


As its name says, the player’s goal is to conduct frogs to their homes. It is as simple. But it has become one of the most classic games, for one reason: created in 1981, this was the so-called “Golden Age of video games”, when developers emphasized on multiplayer gameplay.

Here, we have an alternate two-player action game, which is still nowadays a reference.


Space Invaders, the most influential


Here is another old-school video games which is still a reference: Space Invaders. Much more than that, it has become a popular symbol with its pixels, representing aliens. It has been used for parodies and other cultural references. This Arcard game is played alone.

Following the spirit of Tetris and Pac-Man, it was created before them, in 1978.


Donkey Kong


Created shortly after Space Invaders, Donkey Kong is one of the most epic video games ever. It embodies a giant gorilla, Donkey Kong, which captures a young lady, who’s going to be saved by Jumpman (it inspired Mario Bros’ saga).

This Arcard game, created in 1981, is one of the most developed video games in the industry, with more than 20 game alternatives (Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Land…).


Tetris: the Soviet Mind Game, for logic lovers


Are you a nostalgic of former classic video games? Surely Tetris is on your list ! While requiring intelligence and reliability, Tetris is also a funny game that can be played on consoles but also, on smartphones.

Created in 1984, this video game never gets old.


What about you, which one is your favorite?